Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and the Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality
Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality

Elat Chayyim Children's Program

Gan Ruach: A Magical Journey of Laughter and Learning

For children ages 4 - 14

Bring your entire family to Elat Chayyim and give your children the gift of a joyous and engaging Jewish experience. Our children’s program provides a balance of creative Jewish learning, arts, sports, and outdoor activities in the pristine natural environment of Isabella Freedman Retreat Center. Our educators and counselors are trained to provide an emotionally safe environment to form a respectful and vibrant children’s community during the week you participate. Ages 4-14 years will form 2 or 3 groups by age for the formal program and daycare is provided for children – aged 0-4 years.

Children will engage in a variety of activities of their interest:  swimming, boating, tennis, volleyball, ping pong, hiking, art, crafts, Jewish studies, drama, storytelling, sign language, dance, circus arts, music, yoga, new games and more....

We will make Challah together and bake it in the special outdoor cob oven. We'll visit the goats, chickens, swim in the lake and pool, relax, read, dream together.

Children will create their own masks, puppets, costumes and scenery under the guidance of guest artists and staff. At the end of the week, children will have an opportunity to perform for the parents and community of Elat Chayyim.

Our goal is to have fun, learn, laugh, make new friends and celebrate being Jewish in a wonderful, supportive community. Throughout the week, parents and adult participants are invited to share with the children in play and learning. Come and join us in this magical setting!

Registration Information

Program Fee: $200
Room and Board Fee: $210 ($35 per day; free for children under 3.)

Teens ages 15+ pay adult rates. Children must stay in room with parents for children's room and board rate to apply. Babysitting is available for younger children at $12 per hour for one child and $18 per hour for two children.

Single parents register at single occupancy rate; two adults register at double occupancy rate.

Programming runs from 9am through approximately 9pm, excepting mealtimes. Please bring a bathing suit and outdoor shoes for your children.


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